Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, my license number and insurance are listed on the permit that is pulled for the job.

How long have you been in business?

27 years as of 2017.

Do you have workman’s comp insurance?

Yes, it is also listed on the permit.

Do you have references?

I have a testimonial page on my website, feel free to take a look. I will also provide a list of references and am registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Do you provide a written estimate?

Yes, either via mail, email, fax, or hand delivered.

Would there be any additional charges in the cost of the estimate after you started the job?

If there were something unforeseen (example: rotten wood or broken boards, etc.) there could be an additional cost. The owner does a pretty complete inspection of your roof.

Do you have to pull a permit?

A permit is pulled for any job except repairs.

How long of a warranty do I have for my roof and the workmanship?

Warranty for shingles: this is dependent upon the type and manufacturer of the shingles. Warranty for workmanship: 10 years at 100%.

Can you provide me with the manufacturer specifications?

Yes, please ask.

Do I have a choice of colors for the shingles?

Yes, depending on the type and manufacturer of the shingles. Typically, there is always a variety of colors and typically at no additional charge.

What if I have outside furniture, potted plants, chairs, etc., do I need to move them before you start working on my house?

No, we take care of that by moving everything to a safe location.

What if the weather is inclimate after you start on my roof?

We try to look ahead at the weather and will wait to start the job if it looks like rain in the forecast. If we already started the job and the weather becomes inclimate then we take brand new tarps and tarp your roof.

How long will it take to replace my roof?

Typically 1 to 3 days for most jobs.

Will you subcontract any of the work?

No, the owner and crew are there from start to finish.

How much notice do you need in order to schedule my roof to be done?

This really depends on the time of year, but typically 4 to 6 weeks.

How is clean-up performed of my home and yard?

A nail magnet is used on your yard to pick up any nails dropped. All old materials are hauled off to the landfill by our company.

Do you follow-up with a customer say a month down the road after the roof has been replaced or repaired?

Yes, typically either via mail, email, or a phone call.